Upcoming Tea Events

 Discovering Tea (Tea 101) Workshop - May 3rd, 2014 

Thrill your senses and discover a new favourite in this Tea 101 Workshop offered by Kimicha Tea.

Our Certified Tea Specialist will walk you through her trips through China, Japan and Korea while you taste the fruit of her travels. Meet other tea lovers and maybe meet new friends. This event is perfect for a mom/daughter date or just an afternoon out with your best friend.

In this workshop you will be tasting ten different teas and learning what makes each one so special. You will also learn the secrets of blending your own Chai and Moroccan Mint teas.

During this one hour tea party, leave all your worries behind and lose yourself in the world of tea.

(Advance reservation required)

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Location: New Edinburgh Community & Arts Centre.
Cost: $35 per person


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Spring Tea Event - Shincha 24th of May, 2014

Be the first to try the new tea arrivals! Between sips of the teas learn about the stories of the selected teas. The teas are limited edition and advance reservation is needed. Book your spot now!

Cost: $45 per person


Ottawa Tea Festival


Ottawa Tea Festival 2014 - Save the date: December 6th and 7th, 2014!

Ottawa Tea Festival 2013:

The Ottawa Tea Festival will provide you with a one of a kind experience. This day is all about fun, musical performances, classical dances, a Japanese tea ceremony, and expert presentations about tea! It is an ultimate foodie destination, celebrating a vast array of artisanal food producers from the Ottawa area. There will be lots to taste from delicious teas to sweets, chocolates and honey from local companies. For more about the exciting festival, see the official Ottawa Tea Festival website.

Other Events We Offer

A minimum of 6 people is required for each workshop.  Contact us for more information.

Tea and Chocolate Pairing

You’ve heard wine enthusiasts pairing wine with food; how about pairing tea with chocolate? This is one of our most popular events, and it's easy to understand.

As one of the top 50 accredited tea specialists in the world, Kimiko Uriu from KIMICHA.com has combined her tea knowledge with a delicious array of chocolates. As the tea brews we will talk about tea’s history, aromas, texture and other characteristics.

This workshop costs $20 per person.

Iced Tea and Virgin MarTEAni Workshop

The perfect thirst quenching drink for the summer months iced-tea! They taste great and they are healthy! 

A fun workshop where you will learn, as well as taste a delicious array of refreshing iced teas and MarTEAnis. Take home great iced tea and Virigin MarTEAni recipes for your summer parties and grilling evenings with friends and family!

This workshop costs $25 per person.

Around the World in 8 Cups

Fasten your seat belts and get transported to the cultures of each destination. We will explore each countries tea culture and taste a delicious tea from each region: China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Korea, Japan, Iran and Taiwan. 

The workshop cost is $25 per person.

Blending Workshop 

In this interactive workshop tea specialist, Kimiko Uriu, will discuss tea's history, flavours, aromas, provide an introduction on blending and will guide you through creating your very own signature tea. After learning the basics of blending guests will be free to create their own personalized blend from a wide variety of tea bases, herbs, spices, fruits and flowers.

The workshop cost is $35.00 per person. Included in the cost is a tea tin with your personalized tea blend.

Japanese Tea Tasting

As the tea brews we will talk about tea’s history, aromas, texture and other characteristics. We will taste top teas from Japan and you will leave the workshop with many tips and tricks on how to make your teas.

Japanese Tea Tasting Workshop - for $40, you get a sensory tea workshop with to quality Japanese teas, a brewing guide and light fare.