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Top 5 Gifts for Tea Lovers on

Posted by Kim Dallaire on December 13, 2013 (0 Comments)

Do you have a tea lover on your list?  Are YOU the tea lover on everyone else's list? Check out our top five picks for this holiday season.


1. Jin Jun Mei - An Award-Winning Black Tea 

This is a sure gift for any black tea lover.  Not only did it win first place for Black Tea at the North American Tea Championship in 2011, it's great value since the leaves can be steeped 5-6 times and still be delicious - really!  Jin Jun Mei aficionados will tell you that the third steep is really something special!


2. Matcha Set - Matcha, bowl and whisk

If someone you know is getting serious about their health, matcha can really help them get the most out of tea.  What better inspiration to drink this antioxydant rich brew than a beautiful bowl and a traditional bamboo whisk?  Find out more about matcha on


3. Our Tea By Mail Club - The gift that keeps on giving 

If you know someone who is always in a rush and never has time to shop, any of our Tea By Mail Club will keep them stocked with excellent quality teas for six to twelve months.  Two teas will be sent out each month, along with brewing and taste notes that will allow the recipient to truly enjoy every cup.


4. Iced Tea Jug - For those who like to stay frosty

Our current favourite teas to serve cold are the Organic Moroccan Mint and the Tropical Peach.  The strainer is incredibly fine and catches even rooibos and lemongrass teas, which can be hassle without the right equipment. We keep a jug of iced tea in the fridge all summer long.


5. Green Tea Sampler - The perfect gift for Japanophiles

This sampler pack features Genmaitcha, Gyokuro, Sencha and Kukicha, four teas that will transport the recipient to Japan for a taste of four of the most popular types of tea there.  It's also a great gift for someone who is just discovering how delicious green tea can be!


We hope you have a fun and relaxing holiday season, filled with warm cups of tea and friends and family!



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