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Kimicha Loose Leaf Tea Guide

Posted by Kim Dallaire on December 13, 2013 (0 Comments)

Here at, all our teas are loose leaf teas. Drinking loose leaf tea is super simple, but some people just aren't sure how (or why) to make the jump from bagged tea to loose leaf. Here is a handy little guide to help you take the plunge.

Why choose loose leaf teas?

  • It's an ecological choice! Not using tea bags reduces packaging and waste.
  • The spent tea leaves can be added to your compost or green bin without worry.
  • You can choose how much tea you want to use depending on the strength of the tea you like or the size of your cup.
  • It looks beautiful and smells amazing.
  • You get to see exactly what is in your tea (is it full of branches and other filler, does it have actual flower petals instead of just added flavour).
  • It's easy to cook with and incorporate into baking.

Loose leaf tea is easy to enjoy with only a few, inexpensive accessories.

You can use disposable paper filters, most of which break down in compost. These bags are a convenient way to brew up loose leaf tea, especially for those just starting out discovering what loose leaf tea is all about. Just measure out the tea into the pouch and put it into your cup.

You could also use an infuser, which is a metal or mesh container that allows the hot water to steep your tea leaves without letting the leaves out into the water. Infusers come in all shapes and sizes; some fit into the top of a tea pot, while others dip into your tea like a tea bag would.  Look for an infuser made out of stainless steel that has very fine holes or mesh.  The smaller the holes, the less chance you'll end up with tea leaves in your finished brew.  This is especially important for lemongrass or rooibos herbal tisanes, as some of the leaves can be quite small.  Our Q Teapot, seen above, has a great filter that will hold up to any type of tea you wish to try.

Finally, you can use a travel mug with a mesh filter at the top, like this one.  Toss your tea leaves into the mug, add water, and in a few minutes you'll enjoy a delicious brew.

What is your favourite thing about loose leaf tea?  Let us know!

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