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Tea Pairings For Wine Lovers

Posted by Kimiko URIU on July 28, 2014 (0 Comments)

We all know that the right bottle of wine can elevate a meal to greater heights. Like food and wine, tea is a versatile accompaniment to any meal. When properly paired with the right dishes, flavours are enhanced both within the dish and the tea itself, making for a memorable meal. One can unlock flavours that are otherwise hidden.


As a general rule of thumb, foods that generally pair well with white wines, such as seafood, lightly seasoned meats, salads, and fruit, pair nicely with green teas.  Green teas also compliment fried food very well as they cut through the greasy sensation often left on the tongue, almost like a Pinot Grigio. It is a great palette cleanser too, especially when transitioning into a different course. Red meat dishes, cold cuts, and heavy curries that are usually paired with full-bodied red wines go nicely with black teas. Black teas, more robust in flavour, hold up very well to these richer foods. For certain meat dishes that can be paired with lighter reds, such as Gamay, or full-bodied whites, such as oak-aged Chardonnay, Oolong tea is a great pairing option, with its wide range of flavour profiles, depending on how green or dark it is. For dessert items, floral, fruiter teas work very well in the same way the Moscato and Ice Wine nicely cap a dinner, or if you are feeling too full, good Pu-erh is a perfect aid for digestion.

There is no right or wrong way to pair tea and food. Ultimately, what you are looking for is a good balance of flavours. Delicate-tasting teas pair well with light-tasting dishes so one does not over-power the other. More robust, full-bodied teas pair better with heavier, more flavourful dishes. Experiment with flavours on your own and determine which flavours work best for you!

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