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Tea Tasting Pu-erh

Posted by Kimiko URIU on April 29, 2010 (0 Comments)

Pu-erh Bird’s Best Tea

So the first tea I tasted today has a very interesting shape. It is the shape of a little bird’s nest, hence also it’s name.

Name: there are many ways of spelling this tea. Cooked Pu Er, Pu Erh or Pu-erh.
Origin: Yunnan Province.

Interesting fact: the so called bird’s nest is compressed into little cakes and left to age for at least five years. The storing conditions for pu-erh is highly debated and is kept secret by the producers.
Preparation: cake was about 4g steeped at around 95 degrees celsius for 2 minutes.

Dry leaf appearance: very dark brown, uniform colour.
Dry leaf scent: moss scent.
Liquor: dark red-brown, almost black liquor.
Infusion scent: smooth silky, reminds me of roasted rice.
Liquor texture: smooth and earthy taste, not astringent.

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