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What's the deal with pyramid tea bags?

Posted by Kimiko URIU on March 02, 2015 (0 Comments)

A lot of what you get in tea bags is dust - the tea has been ground in order to fit into the pouches. You don't need quality leaves to make tea dust, so that's typically where the lower quality (and broken, small and old) leaves go.

This tea dust cannot be resteeped, whereas a higher quality tea can be steeped again and again, which allows the tea flavours to evolve - we have confirmed with many tea lovers that our award-winning Jin Jun Mei black tea peaks at the third steep!

There are other advantages too:

- Pyramid tea bags allow more room for the tea, and have been proven to steep better according to the UK Advertising Standards Agency.

- Allows tea companies to use the same quality loose leaf teas in a convenient on-the-go format

Not all pyramid tea bags are created equal though: many of the original bags were made out of nylon and PET plastics, which had issues with leeching into the water at hot temperatures, and were not biodegradable. The bags KIMICHA will be using are made of corn-based PLA materials, which you can confidently toss into your green bin; the bag, as well as the tea, will break down.

In order to learn more and find out about our new, pyramid tea bag project, check out our indiegogo campaign and let us know what you think?

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