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Buying Chinese Tea (Day 2)

Posted by Kimiko URIU on August 31, 2010 (0 Comments)


So after a day in the forbidden city and getting some understanding of the history of China, we went to the Laoshe Teahouse, which is not only a famous teahouse in Beijing, but also known for its folk arts and drama performances.

When you go upstairs there is an area where you can order teas and sit down and relax until you see the menu with the prices! Teas here cost up to 2000 RNB (around $307) per serving. We soon realised that these were private rooms that were used for important business meetings or which were occupied by the growing rich population in China. There is also a great shop on that floor, if you want to buy some good quality teas and gifts.

If you go downstairs to the ground floor, the teas are very inexpensive, but are also not served with great attention to temperatures or steeping periods. However this is also an experience, since this seems to be a place where some young people also hang out with their laptops.

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