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Tea Trivia Day 7

Posted by Kimiko URIU on April 11, 2011 (0 Comments)

What is the name for tea in Chinese?

Cha, Thay or Shai. Yes, the correct answer is Cha. 

The Chinese character for tea is 茶. One pronounces this Chinese character differently in different parts of China due to the different dialects. However, the two most common pronunciations are: cha and te which have also become part of many languages worldwide. The word Cha comes from the Cantonese dialect and was formally used to describe the first flush harvest of tea. 

Just to name a few for te:

Catalan te

Finish tee

French thé

German Tee

English tea

Italian the

Just to name a few for cha:

Arabic shay


Korean cha

Persian chaay



Japanese cha

Russian chai

Thai cha

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