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What is the healthiest tea?

Posted by Kimiko URIU on April 15, 2011 (0 Comments)


Why does history say "Tea for a long life"? That is because tea has a lot of anti-oxidants which aid in the prevention of diseases. In the ancient times, tea was used for medicinal purposes. So even if a lot of research has been done with rats, one can be pretty sure that tea has a lot of health benefits. Enjoy the aroma of tea!

What is the healthiest tea?

A lot of people ask which is the healthiest tea to drink. Generally as a rule of thumb one can say that the least processed is the healthiest i.e. green tea which is steamed. Matcha green tea powder (the ceremonial tea from Japan) could be said to be the healthiest because one consumes the whole leaf and therefore one is drinking a higher amount of polyphenols.

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