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Iced Tea: Gyokuro & Sencha Recipe

Posted by Kimiko URIU on April 26, 2011 (0 Comments)

There are 3 different ways to make the iced tea and each tastes different. The perfect refreshing drink for the summer!

Iced Tea Method 1: Brewing with Ice

This method produces a very noble taste, but is a little time consuming. Great advantage is that it is low in caffeine, since caffeine is extracted in hot water.

-Put 1,5 tablespoons of Gyokuro or Sencha leaves into a tea pot

-Fill the tea pot with pieces of ice

-Wait for the ice to thaw naturally at room temperature (do not heat thea tea pot)

Then you can enjoy your drink when it is fully thawed.

Iced Tea Method 2: Brewing with hot water and cooling the tea

This is a much quicker technique and extracts the catechins and caffeine nicely for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of tea.

-Put 1,5 tablespoons of Gyokuro or Sencha leaves into a tea pot

-Pour 200ml 80C (176F) water into a tea pot

-Wait for 2-3 minutes (you would brew this a little stronger than you would since the ice weakens the flavour a little)

-Pour the brewed tea into glasses that are filled with ice

Iced Tea Method 2: Cool Water

This is a method by which you can store your tea in the refrigerator.

-Put 2 tablespoons of Gyokuro or Sencha leaves into a jug

-Pour 500ml to 1000ml into a jug (with a lid)

-Store for 3-6 hours 

-Stir a little before pouring so that the flavour is spread evenly

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