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Posted by Kimiko URIU on November 11, 2011 (0 Comments)
 Meet Kimi Uriu, a tea enthusiast, specialty tea store operator and STI graduate who conceptualized and brought Canada The Ottawa Tea Festival on November 5th & 6th. Kimi’s love for tea and knowledge is evident in her everyday waking life, but was apparent from all angles of the tea cup last weekend when 600 tea enthusiasts arrived at The Ottawa Tea Festival, including several business owners from Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.  While many came to see the 15 exhibitors, which included Tea Association of Canada, others came to learn more about tea, the multi-faceted drink as we know it. According to Kimi, The festival was able to generate a rewarding response from the local media as well.

“The radio and print media were very excited about the tea festival before and after the event. Some were even at a different location and were then sent to the The Ottawa Tea Festival because there was such a great story unravelling,” said Kimi 

Some of the other main attractions included a thorough demonstration of The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Korean Tea Ceremony and traditional Indian dancers. The KIMICHA chocolate and tea pairing workshop was fully booked, and a crowded room stood listening in awe to President Louise Roberge’s tea market update. Often travelling to various tea regions such as Japan, Korea, China and India, Kimi began to learn more about differing tea traditions and decided that Ottawa, being a city of culture, was a central point for embassies and a great location to host the 1st of its kind. 

When asked what her plans would be for next year, Kimi believes that depending on the amount of vendors, she may need a larger space in order to support the response she has endured from attendees. “It would be great to have some additional sponsors on board for next year, so that I can take the festival to the next level. I truly believe more people will participate, allowing for further development and education,” noted Kimi. 

On behalf of TAC we would like to congratulate Kimi for her success story and initiative in putting together such a fabulous event. For more information visit


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