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Moroccan Mint Hot Chocolate Using Kimicha Tea

Posted by Kim Dallaire on November 06, 2013 (0 Comments)


Is there anything better than hot chocolate on a cold drizzly fall day? It always seems to warm you up all the way to your toes. Adding a candy cane into it might be a bit premature for November, but there’s no denying that mint and chocolate are a flavour combination that has proven itself time and again. Here’s a quick way to make a Mint Hot Chocolate without it being too sweet or complicated.

Ingredients needed:
- Your favourite brand of powdered hot chocolate
- A dash of sugar
- Boiling water
- Our Organic Moroccan Mint Tea, either in a tea steeper or in a tea bag
- Milk or Milk substitute, to taste

1. Measure out your hot chocolate powder and add the boiling water.

2. Steep the Moroccan Mint Tea in the hot chocolate like you would regularly.  Leave for a few minutes (2-3).

3. Remove the tea steeper or tea bag, add a splash of milk or milk substitute if you like, sweeten to taste, and enjoy.

Let us know if you love it!  Ever mixed other flavours with hot chocolate?

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