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Earl Grey Vanilla Icing

Posted by Kim Dallaire on November 06, 2013 (0 Comments)

Cake doesn’t have to be fancy, despite what Pinterest seems to say.  Sometimes all it needs is a little push with a secret ingredient to go from delicious to amazing.  That secret ingredient for this roll cake was Kimicha’s Earl Grey Vanilla tea.

This is less of a recipe and more a guide; that’s just how frosting is made around our place.


- 1 stick of butter

- at least 1 cup of icing sugar

- about ¼ cup of very strong Earl Grey Vanilla tea (we did two teaspoons in about half a cup of water, and left if a few minutes)

Soften your butter in the microwave in a large bowl.  Add about half a cup of icing sugar, and mix it in with the beaters.  Once things start to stick together, add a little bit of the tea (about 1 teaspoon at a time).  

Blend it, checking the consistency and flavour as you go.  Keep adding icing sugar and tea a little bit until you get the right mix you want.  We wanted our frosting quite thick to go into our roulé cake, so we added more icing sugar till we were happy.

This frosting could go with tons of cakes, but we paired it with a light, plain cake to make sure to take advantage of that fragrant vanilla flavour.

We’ve made this frosting many different ways before:

- With brewed matcha tea

- with green tea, both brewed and some of the dry tea

- with chai tea and chocolate cake

Every time it is different, but it’s always delicious.

How do you incorporate tea into your favourite recipes?  Let us know!


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