Our Tea By Mail Club

Our tea tasting club makes the perfect gift for any tea lover who wants to discover new teas. Our philosophy is to have small units of fresh, often seasonal teas and encourage our customers to try all sorts of delicious teas and blends, sometimes for the first time.
Why be part of our tea by mail club?
Being part of the club is not just about getting tea, it's an experience. We share special tips and tricks for enjoying your teas and make sure that only the best teas go out, so that every tea delivery is an event worth getting excited about.  To that end, some of the specially chosen teas you will receive are exclusive to the Tea By Mail Club.
How does it work? 
You get 6 shipments with 2 teas each with the 1 year subscription, and 3 shipments of 2 teas for the 6 month subscriptions. The teas arrive at your door and are ready to enjoy. We have prepared different packages to chose from, depending on your tastes; black teas, green teas and herbal tisanes are waiting to be savoured.