About Us


We are proud that we were awarded the best Black Tea for our Jin Jun Mei and third place for our Da Hong Pao Oolong internationally. 

KIMICHA TEA developed a tea range with some of the finest teas in the world that will create a sensory. Our tea taster and founder Kimiko Uriu has a sensitive palate and has carefully selected every single Kimicha tea. This selection has been recognised by the North American Tea Championship. Each year we submit one tea and each year it has won an award! The teas were tasted by a judging panel of professional cuppers that analyse the: dry leaf; brewed colour; brewed aroma; brewed flavour; brewed mouth-feel and brewed harmony.

Kimiko Uriu is a Certified Tea Specialist from the Speciality Tea Institute and is also featured in their list of recommended certified speakers

She has worked for one of the largest Japanese Tea companies, where she gained extensive knowledge and experienced each part of the tea process i.e. working with the tea farmers, blending and sales. She taught the Tea Sommelier Course at Algonquin College and was the founder of the Ottawa Tea Festival. 

Here are some tea-related book recommendations.

We also provide services in planning "afternoon tea" parties for private, corporate and fundraising functions. 

(Kimiko in a tea field in Wuyi - China)

Tea For Businesses

We work closely with you to help you get a tailor-made tea solution suited to your business. We are your partners and help you with information, resources and marketing tips recipes to help you further or build your business. 

Tea for Restaurants and Cafes: 

We can create a high-quality tea range that fits the palette of your current customer base. You can have your own signature line of teas that will help you increase brand loyalty and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. We will help you develop the perfect tea range, pack it, label it under your brand if you want and give you a final product. 

Just give us a call and let us know what you need and we will do the rest.

Tea for Health and Fitness: 

You have read about the fact that tea is good for your health? You have a health-conscious customer base and would like to offer them a special line-up of teas that will enhance your customers experience? Give us a call and we can help you find a solution for your business.

Tea for Hotels: 

You want to offer your guests an enhanced tea experience or would like to pamper them? We work with hotels to create a custom branded solution. We will help you develop a tea menu that will create a special experience for your guests. You will be surprised how a memorable tea selection can bring in more exposure for your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Private Tea Labelling: 

We have a great number of packing options for you where we can simply apply your private label onto. We also have talented designers that can create a unique label for you. 

Services we offer

· Baby Showers
· Birthday Parties
· Bridal Showers
· Children Parties
· Corporate Functions
· Fundraisers
· Social/Cultural Club Events, etc.

Creating a Sustainable Business

Sustainability is an integral part of delivering our vision. Kimicha, strives to source teas grown in sustainable farmland and with equitable working conditions. Sustainability means striking a balance between the environment, workers and businesses. By choosing the path of sustainable business practices, we aim not to take more from the world than we give back. We consciously interact with the environment and at the same time offer the highest quality, organically grown teas available.

Kimicha purchases our tea directly from small farms around the world, providing families in developing countries with a fair price for their tea. Several teas we buy have been approved by Transfair USA which ensures fair working conditions, fair wages and a better life for tea workers from eleven countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Further steps we are taking for a sustainable business: 

• Recycling of business products as feasible e.g. reuse of packaging material.

• Installation of compact fluorescent lighting in our storage.

• Use of eco friendly, biodegradable cleaning products.

• Not offering or using teabags which produce extra waste.

• Our billing is done electronically with no paper waste.

In addition to our organically grown, we offer our customers with ecologically responsible products such as refillable tea cans.