Partners & Projects

Due to the devastating events in Japan, we felt the strong urge to help. As a tealover we saw an opportunity for offering that all our proceeds from our Gyokuro green tea will go to the Japanese relief efforts this month. Since the Gyokuro is in 40g packages and very small leaves, it is also efficient to send it cheaply.

We also set up the possibility to donate directly and will donate all the funds we raise to the Japanese Red Cross. is supporting the Earthstate programm, where 10% of the proceeds will go to the charitable organization: Sustainable Cities.

Till March 23rd 2011 we have partnered with the in order to increase peoples awareness of sustainability and to emphasise that the choices we make matter! 

Sustainability is an integral part of delivering our vision. Kimicha, strives to source teas grown in sustainable farmland and with equitable working conditions. Sustainability means striking a balance between the environment, workers and businesses.