Gyokuro Green Tea


Gyokuro, also known as "jade dew" is one of the finest Japanese green teas. It is known to have a sweet but vegetal flavour due to its unique shading process. Due to the lack of sun on the tea, the tea plants produce a large amount of chlorophyll, which makes the tea darker than other green teas, lower in tannin and therefore sweeter.  It is a tea with a high vitamin C content and concentration of antioxidants. Sit down and relax and enjoy this wonderful cup of tea!
Net weight: 30g
Gyokuro Green Tea

Aroma: vegetal

Liquor: pale green

Taste: rich and smooth, sweet and slightly vegetal

Tea Leaves: 1.5 tsp

Temperature: 60°C

Brewing Time: 2 minutes

This high quality tea merits caution with the water temperature so as not to burn it.

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  • Gyokuro Green Tea
  • Gyokuro Green Tea